Steffen Muldbjerg

Frontend Developer - Luxion

Filter bubbles at DOKK1

The sprint is over. It got ready!

The installation I have worked on for the last couple of months – “Welcome home” was displayed at Dokk1 in Aarhus this week. I designed it together with my group at IT Product Development. I already have written about the installation.

The finishing touches was done at the location. All of the wires was hidden away. Multiple Raspberry Pi connected to the network, and hidden under the table. And 2 projectors was calibrated to project on the sides of the dome.

The filter dome project placed at Dokk1 in Aarhus

A desk where people could place objects to manipulate what's happinging for the person insite the filter dome

Woman in the filter dome

Despite it being Jonas‘ nightmare – the prototype survived the many people trying it. Some of which was attending Internet Week Denmark talks at Dokk1. Others being any prototype-makers most feared group of testers – children.

The ReactJS apps I had development worked perfectly. And our hardware was able to keep up.

2 children sharing 1 chair inside the filter dome

The filter dome app with the text 'Welcome home Steffen'

Filter dome interior

As part of the project, we did user evaluation of our installation. I had multiple interesting talks with people testing the installation – both regarding filter bubbling, the concept, my education as a IT Product Developer and GDPR.