Steffen Muldbjerg

Frontend Developer - Luxion

My simple podcast setup

I’m crazy about pocast! And maybe therefore I have started my own.

I listen to podcast all the time. Biking to work, while vacuuming, and when I’m in the shower. Some would properly say – too much.

The perfect opportunity for starting one arrived with being a volunteer at the general assembly for the Danish YMCA-Scouts. I’m the leader of the organising group, where 450 scout leaders will be gathered at Gram Slot next weekend.

2 persons sitting in a living room recording a podcast

My one-rule was that the podcast setup had to be simple and take-it-out-into-the-world ready.

So, the only thing I invested in was good microphones. Even good podcast company can be ruined by bad sound. After disproportionately many reviews and blog post, the microphone I chose was Samson Q2U.

After 6 episodes of experience, I would highly recommend them. Good sound and super easy to work with. I record directly into Garageband on my Macbook. With 2 audio tracks, one for each microphone. I used this guide: A tale of two microphones.

Screenshot from the interface of Apple Garageband with 2 audio tracks

Before the first episode I talked with one of my friends about getting the podcast on Apple Podcast for iOS users. He had heard it was really difficult. But it really wasn’t.

I use the free wordpress plugin Blubrry PowerPress. It spits out a RSS feed, with the right images and all. And then just go to Apple Podcast to register it. For other devices you can just enter the RSS url.

To make the podcast extra crisp, I got my music savvy brother-in-law to create a nice jingle for the intro and outtro.

You can find my try on podcasting at