Steffen Muldbjerg

Frontend Developer - Luxion

It is, what you make it

Do you remember being a student? We couldn’t wait to come out to the real world and make real projects. Because then we had the time and knowledge to make the projects both function, feel and look great.

But deadlines, business prioritizes, doll tasks, and yet another meeting. You know the drill. It’s hard to focus, try out new things and where is all that time for making great project? Suddently, the time being a student is the good-old-days.

Make it special

You’re in charge of you even if you have a boss. So never be a victim of your job, keep saying to yourself “It is, what I make it”.

Don’t shy away from trying to make things special, nomatter where you are. Senior or Student. It’s often the small things that make the whole project feel special and great.

So if you’re asked to show a design? → Why not making it a presentation video. Styled and everything.

Designing a Terms-of-service page? → Check out Pinterest’s. If they can, so can we.

Idea for the coolest app? → Figure out a way to launch it. Learn to code it. Hire somebody. Or collab with me?

7-star design

Airbnb have develop the concept of 7-star design. Meaning that a 5-star design is “really good – but excepted”.

For example a 5-star rating Airbnb check-in could be: You get the address and when you arrive, someone’s there to greet you.

Then a 7-star experience could be: You’re picked up in the airport by a limousine. When you enter, your favorite food and relevant magazines is ready for you.

(You should properly just hear Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s founder and CEO, explain designing for 7 stars himself)

There is a higher level of done. Let’s find the details that will make it that much better. Remember we’re the one with the ability to make this great.