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Design breaks from exams

May 31, 2018

When the page of the calendar says June, that means examination time for me. Often big projects that needs to be finished. And endless pages of papers to be written. Trying to transform experiences into the text.

I need to design something, to get a break. Just something. Anything.

So I made this small map of the area I live in:

As preparations for the examines always overlaps with good weather …dammit… but I to enjoy our little house, sheltered between tall buildings. And the small grass spot. The quiet despite have a large road close.

This is my safe spot – lovely right?

What is your safe space?

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I write about design and frontend stuff. And sometimes experiments.

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How you save your websites forever

How you save your websites forever

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”Where I lived”

”Where I lived”

I set myself a small assignment. Design something you know all about. Here are my entire lifes worth of homes.

My simple podcast setup

My simple podcast setup

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