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I’m crazy about custom icons

Feb 20, 2017

Icons designed specifically for that projects gives a cool finish – that can push the project over the edge to really awesome. Here is a small collection of icons I have designed for different projects.

Sometimes I start on paper. Other times I go straight to Illustrator. These Icons are designed for a book I did together with other scouts.

It was handed out to young scout leaders at a leadership and communication education. I also taught at this education.

I’m a proud citizen of Aarhus. And I made these famous landmarks into icons, as a part of a project for ÅUF. Which is an organization for local groups in Aarhus.

These icons were made for a promoting education for scouts. They were used on small pins, in materials and on social media.

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I write about design and frontend stuff. And sometimes experiments.

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How you save your websites forever

How you save your websites forever

A little guide to saving your website, and also saving you the time it takes to maintain outdated projects. Save the whole site as simple HTML pages.

”Where I lived”

”Where I lived”

I set myself a small assignment. Design something you know all about. Here are my entire lifes worth of homes.

My simple podcast setup

My simple podcast setup

Instead of just talking about it, here is the simple setup you need to start your own podcast. And you know you want to.