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Love the banal

Thu Mar 18 2021 13:59:04 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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Sometimes I feel trapped in a university-world, where everything need to be analysed, measured, discussed, optimized and judged. Not be mistaken – I love getting an education at the university. It truly fills my backpack with new knowledge and tools.

But sometimes you can get court in your own head. Trying to calculate everything in advance. It sometimes holding me back, on my urge to try out things. Build something and see how it works out.

Frighteningly banal

At the university the banal can seem frighten. Not that it is, in itself. But the banal is often missing nuances or insight.

But as Morten Münster points out in “I’m Afraid Debbie From Marketing Has Left for the Day” you need to learn to love the banal. Because people only have so little time and energy for your rational arguments. The rest of the time we just pretend like it.

So, you need to translate the complex into something concrete and banal.

My banalities

I read the book last December. Ever since have I worked on making things more banal. An example for me is the icon challenge I’m doing at the moment. Every day I need to design a new icon. Some days they are nice. Or days not so much.

I will built/test/design/code more, instead of letting myself get court procrastination planning. And ironically it fits, like a VW UP in a big city parking spot, together with Constructive Design Research. Which I’m learning at the university right new 😉