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Apr 24, 2018

Making a portfolio seems like a science in itself. I have read more “5 steps to a perfect portfolio” and “Make a great portfolio in just one day” blogpost then I would like to admit. So, when Anne from Designit visited my education to talk about portfolios, I joined of course.

There are so many tips and tricks, and so many is in opposite directions. Therefore, it was nice to hear how they see it at Designit and examples from Denmark. Here are some inputs I took from it.

Process are more important than result

It maybe sounds banal. But on the internet designers can’t agree. No text and just graphic results? Anne’s advice was: remember to take pictures while you’re working on a project.

Free me from your academia

Anne was really clear on this: she didn’t like to read sad, unpersonal academic language. Add text to support the images. The length of tweet is often appropriate to keep the attention of the visitors.

You’re complex – that’s alright

It’s fine to show range in your portfolio. Anne’s advice was that range can be good. And most times you help shape the job that you’re hired for.

I don’t want this to be some kind of 3 step plan – so there is another half tip. While Anne presented, she showed videos from most of the projects, they worked on at Designit. So, you could try to make small videos from the projects you do. Video really is a great way to communicate emotion and process.

This is my portfolio, and I would love to get your feedback! Please reach out to steffen@muldbjerg.com if you have a good advice or something I can do better.

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