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  • ”Where I lived”

    ”Where I lived”

    I set myself a small assignment. Design something you know all about. Here are my entire lifes worth of homes.

  • Design breaks from exams

    Design breaks from exams

    In the middle of preparing for exams, it can be hard – but important – to find time for designing.

  • Filter bubbles at Dokk1

    Filter bubbles at Dokk1

    The display of the filter bubble installation at Dokk1. How was it?

  • Portfolio tips from Designit

    Portfolio tips from Designit

    What do you include in your portfolio. Great tips on building your portfolio from Anne, who works at Designit in Aarhus.

  • Step into your filter bubble

    Step into your filter bubble

    You normally don’t realise you are inside a filter bubble. So we build one, so you got to experience it.

  • Love the banal

    Love the banal

    It is really okay to say the banal thing. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Read here why.

  • 5 tips from “Show your work”

    5 tips from “Show your work”

    5 quick tips from “Show your work” by Austin Kleon. I just wanted to skim the beginning in bed – but stood up to read all of it same night.

  • I’m crazy about custom icons

    I’m crazy about custom icons

    Icons designed specifically for that projects gives a cool finish – that can push the project over the edge to really awesome. Here is a small collection.