Portfolio of Steffen Muldbjerg

Behind Gravisi is Jesper Oehlenschläger, and he teaches grown-ups to catch a pencil and facilitate processes with drawings. His new website is hand-drawn and he got his very own unique font. The website is easily maintained and automates the rest.




What I did

  • Design
  • Frontend
  • Wordpress
  • Concept
  • Communication

Gravisi’s old website didn’t handle payment or course sign up. It required trivial hand-typing registering and accounting. And when you’re just one person firm that not where you want to spend your time. The old design was also your typical standard WordPress theme.


Behind Gravisis is Jesper, and for the last 5 years, he has taught over 4000 grown-ups to draw. Drawing has been his go-to tool for facilitating process and coaching leaders for over 20 years. And as a one-man-band firm, his website has to grab its own pencil and start helping him.

My role

I, too, was a one-man-band on this project. I did the research, structured, designed and coded the project. Jesper, of course, helped a lot with his awesome hand-drawn illustrations.


The solution was to have the design shine of Jesper’s charisma. All hand-drawn from illustrations to the new custom typeface. Jesper drew the letters, and I made the font. The content is written to be from Jesper directly.

The website is a brand new Wordpress site. Complete with an integrated WooCommerce shop. And yeps - it handles the accounting automatically.


It was awesome to work with Jesper and Gravisi, getting to design around Jesper’s illustrations. Creating a font and using it on the site, was a first-time. And the really makes the website shine of personality.